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 Language Usage Survey/L.U.S.  (English)  &  (Spanish)
 (This survey is filled out by a parent/guardian - used to determine a student's primary home language other than English. An L.U.S. is included in the student registration packet given to parent/guardian at the time of student enrollment. The school secretary is to forward a copy to the English Learner support staff at their building and to the English Learner Program office, East High School, Office 55)
(A form that is filled out and submitted by English Learner Support Staff for parental/guardian consent after administering the Language Assessment for program eligibility or requesting to decline our English Learner Program services after their child has been receiving them)
(A letter that notifies the parent/guardian that his/her child has met the criteria to be exited from the EL program; verification of obtaining proficiency level/exit criteria as indicated through the EL language assessment designated by the state of Ohio. 
  • Preschool